What is wellness?

Wellness is an active process of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis, becoming aware of and making choices towards attaining better physical, mental and spiritual health outcomes. The true connection of mind, body and spirit.

How can you incorporate more healthy living habits into your modern day life?

Allow me to help you find routines that work for you and meet your wellness goals.

Combining my many years of time management, organizational skills, studies of the science of happiness, Yoga, meditation, along with my food and holistic nutrition knowledge I will help you find what wellness looks like to you.

This is different than just a holistic nutrition consultation or a private yoga class as we will be striving to attain a complete wellness package tailored to you through the combination of my specialties in health food, holistic nutrition, yoga and wellness.

I will build with you a 4 weeks to better wellness package.

First Wellness Consultation 1h, 75€

Personalized 4 Week Wellness Package 600€

Follow ups consultations 1h30mn 120€

Included in Wellness Package :

One, 1hr Holistic Nutrition and Wellness consultation

(building a healthy day by day living plan for your modern life, a Holistic Nutrition meal plan and identifying what wellness looks like to you)

Four 2hr weekly one on ones

(1hr follow up Nutrition and Wellness consultation, plus 1hr private yoga with guided meditation)

A 4 Week Introspection Program

(journaling exercises taking you on an inward journey to find your ideal path to wellness; mentally, physically and spiritually)

A signed copy of Cuisine Naturelle cookbook

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