Sophie Fournier

To make a long story short, and since I am not particularly scientific minded,
I will only say
I am at Cameil’s class at Yoga du Marais  from her beginning (I believe)
Although I am the oldest of this class, I  feel perfectly comfortable  there and at ease.
(nice atmosphere during the class  between all of us)
I do appreciate to have my postures corrected and I realise how many hints Cameil gives us
to get into some simple postures and also more complicated ones.
I feel that I’am in a slow but real progress
For sure I feel in an overall good health – (not mentioning the long term diseases that cannot vanish
like arthrosis, cervicals …  but with only one lesson a week it helps a lot even in these particular fields). 
Elisa, our youngest participant of Saturday classes said that after the class she felt tired on Sunday :
Which I explain by the fact that our whole body trained, good news ! so am I too 🙂 
I like to feel on the  next day that something worked in my body.  Not sore muscles but a general good sensations.