Melissa Lesnie

I signed up for a detox/acupuncture yoga workshop with Cameil in November 2015, having never taken a class with her. When I stopped by to reserve and pay for my spot, she took the time to sit down with me and discuss my prior yoga practice, my injury, my dietary habits, my background and what I hoped to get out of the class.

The workshop itself took place in a calm, respectful yet easy-going and friendly environment. Cameil’s teaching style is clear, fluid, attentive and entirely without pretension or ego. The course I participated in was a medium level, less dynamic than what I have become accustomed to elsewhere, but perfectly tailored to the detox theme of the workshop, with a few variations and postures that were a pleasure to discover from Cameil’s perspective. The dozen or so participants each went away with a selection of nutritious juices that Cameil had prepared early that morning, as well as ingredients, instructions and tips all assembled by hand.

The exchange didn’t end there; I wrote to Cameil some days afterward to clarify a posture that was new to me and to ask for some nutritional tips concerning an injury. Within a day I received a long, carefully considered, personalised response with plenty of detailed advice.

I’d confidently recommend Cameil to anyone looking for a relaxed, organic, enjoyable and precise yoga practice that takes into account various aspects of health (both nutritional and spiritual), a personalised exchange and a welcoming sense of community. A holistically nourishing experience. Cameil is an inspiration.