Liz Smalles

“Practicing yoga with Cameil over the past year has been a joy.  I leave every single class feeling lighter and reconnected to myself and the earth. Cameil is a natural teacher with a grace and ease which creates a beautifully calm atmosphere in the studio, free from judgement and ego. She conducts her classes with lots of care and has a strong instinct for the needs of her students, through pranayama, making plenty of useful adjustments and teaching how to effectively use props. I especially appreciate how Cameil’s classes are tuned into the seasons and the rhythms of city life. They ebb and flow in their intensity over the course of each month and every class has a subtle, but poignent, theme which I personally can always resonate with. I highly recommend Cameil’s classes and workshops to anyone in Paris looking to develop a dynamic and meaningful yoga practice in a very friendly and supportive community.”
“(She’s also a badass Vegan chef ;)”