Yoga Retreat Chateau De Layer

This year we will have a private domain, with a 2 houses, a small lake and of course the castle. All to ourselves! Yoga will be done in the castel and you will have your own private house to share. Private rooms with double bed and shared bathrooms. It will be from 18h30 the 9 …


Weekly Class Theme: Silence

I had a special request to re-do this class theme. A request that started, of course, with a series of questions on how to find that space.  My answer initially was practice, practice, practice. Which is true, but then as we further discussed I tried to explain that during our practice we have to pause …

Weekly Class Theme: Arm Balances

By special request, we will spend this week working on arm balancing asanas, from beginner levels to more advanced. Learning how to engage the right muscles in order keep the weight off your wrist. Move past fear, center your awareness, build better balance and strengthen your body.