COOKBOOK ‘Cuisine Naturelle’


Release date 1st October 2020

Cuisine Naturelle by Cameil Kaundart & Marc Le Quenven


100 healthy, nutritious and delicious recipes to rebalance your diet sustainably.


Based on the principles of naturopathy, this book gives you all the keys to transform your diet thanks to the practical advice of a naturopath, specialist in nutrition, and to the tasty recipes designed by a chef to take care of your health.

Energizing breakfasts, colorful salads, creamy soups, wholemeal plays, detox drinks … Learn to eat healthily, every day while privileging the pleasure on the plate!



The most commonly asked question over this past year: When is your cookbook coming out?
I thank you for this energy, your love and support!
I am happy to finally announce that my cookbook will be out the 1st October !
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I am thrilled to celebrate the launching of the cookbook with you at Chez Cameil (date to be determined). Come pick up your book and get it signed!
Thank you all again for your endless encouragement! I am forever grateful.



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