‘Bhumi Geo’ Cork Yoga Mat




The GEO – a timeless design based on key posture reference points. The visually attractive, geometrical lines will help you improve your alignment and posture consistency (specially for more advanced practitioners).

Cork is an amazing natural material as it comes from the bark of cork oak trees

3.5 mm(1.4″) thick |  66×183 cm (26,4×73.2”)  |  2,5 kgs (5 lbs)




Cork has so many great properties that makes it the perfect companion for anyone who practices yoga, from the beginner, to the intermediate and the more advanced practitioner.

  • It is super resistant and will last for years
  • It will adapt to your movements then return to its original shape, thanks to its natural elastic memory
  • It is naturally waterproof yet has a breathable structure, best of all, it’s anti-bacterial and eliminates odor, and continues to smell beautifully natural
  • Another great property is that its non slip whilst being wonderfully natural to the touch
  • It is really easy to maintain, a neutral soap on a damp cloth will do, and it’s like new
  • It is thermally self-regulating, so hot or cold practice rooms are no longer a problem, the mat regulates to your body temperature
  • Extremely soft and smooth, your skin and whole body will thank you for this gift that nature provides



Additional information

Weight 2 kg