Holistic Nutrition Consultations

Holistic Nutrition is the study of the relationship between food and a healthy body.

Being a Chef and a passionate food lover I understand the importance of finding the enjoyment in what you are eating.

A common misconception is that when we create healthy eating habits we lose flavour and fun or that meal planning can be complicated and time consuming.

My goal is to help you build routines that support your modern daily life guiding you into a more healthy, simple and yet nutritionally balanced lifestyle that is still full of deliciousness.

While keeping in account the important role that our mind plays in our body’s most basic functions and also knowing that stress is the number one cause of most illness, I will use not only my nutrition advice but my Yoga knowledge to help you find the right mind body balance in your diet.

Consultation 1h, 75€

Follow up consultations 30 mins, 50€

For more information please contact




Released in October ! 

This past year I have been working with my dear friend Marc Le Quenven, a Naturopath specialized in sport and nutrition, on a cookbook around the principles of Naturopathy with Marabout publishing house. 

We are thrilled to share all Marc’s knowledge and my delicious recipes with you!

All info about the cookbook here


Restaurant Consulting and Recipe Development

I was managing my first kitchen team at the age of 21 in Seattle for Tom Douglas’s central pastry kitchen for his 5 restaurants, onsite and off site catering, bakery and events at the Paramount Theater. I needed to be organized! During my years there I learned the importance of teamwork, time management, cleanliness and organizational skills that I have since carried into every kitchen and aspect of my life there after. I have assisted in many restaurant openings since.

Using all my experience, I will hold your hand through the stressful process of bringing your dreams of opening a café/restaurant into a reality. 

Creating organizational systems, training your staff, hunting for food suppliers to meet your restaurants needs, creating recipes and I can also be available in the beginning months of the opening to workout any hiccups with you that may arrive. 

Consulting fee: Price depending upon your project’s needs. 

Contact me at hello@chezcameil.com for inquiries.

Private Chef

As a private chef I tailor menus to meet your dietary desires or festive needs. For the past 4 years I have been working as a private chef on a clients Yacht in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. He is on a dairy free, high protein diet and everything must be homemade from the bread to the sorbet. I also work with clients who want to lose weight, cooking weekly meals for them, available by pickup or delivery and cater private events. 

Prices depend on the demands of the client. Do not hesitate to contact me with your needs and I will be sure to find something that works for you.


Cooking Classes

A big part of being a chef is based on how well you can teach your staff to recreate the same recipe everyday and is how I realized not only do I love cooking, but I adore teaching! 

Classes can be themed around your needs and skill level, from beginner to more advanced techniques, from learning a few healthy dinners to mastering pastry classics.

One on One :

Cooking theme of your choice 2h


*includes food costs

The Basics of Cooking :


*includes food costs and ten 2hrs classes 

– Menu planning: create seasonal menus, learn which ingredients are seasonal and apply them to your menu choices, learn to organize your mise en place before production

– Food Safety / Temperature Control / Product Storage 

– Meat / Poultry: cooking methods, butchery, internal cooking temperatures and purchasing

– Fish / Seafood: cooking methods, filleting, internal cooking temperatures and purchasing

– Stocks / Sauces / Soups: cooking methods

– Breakfast: eggs (poached, ect…), bread, sweet and savoury meals

– Desserts: cakes, pies, cookies, mousses and creams

– Cereals: learn all types of cereals and their cooking methods. Quinoa, bulgur, polenta, millet, buckwheat, rice, etc.

– Basic Food Science: learning how certain elements react together

– Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten Free