Chez Cameil Collaborators

Zeva Bellel

A former journalist and Marketing Director at Yelp France, Zeva Bellel is a personal development coach.


Largely focused on helping women (but men also) uncover their professional and creative desires and achieve their goals.


Through individual coaching sessions or group Vision Board Coaching Workshops, her deep listening and community-focused approach make her a natural coach.


She’ll be at Chez Cameil on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10am-6pm. Drop by to make an appointment and find out more about Zeva here.


Mania Chaikali

A former child psychologist, Mania Chaikali moved to Paris from her native Greece in 2017.


After 6 years she sought a deeper knowledge to her practice and completed a 500-hour Hatha Integral Yoga teacher training at the Centre de Yoga du Marais in Paris.


Specializing in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga for teens, Mania’s classes are aimed at making students feel refreshed, strengthened and clear-minded. She teaches with an emphasis on breathing and cultivating a harmony between the body and mind.


Marc le Quenven

Combining modern techniques with natural medicine, naturopathy helps to tackle the underlying causes of ill health rather than treating the symptoms alone. Marc le Quenven focuses on sport regimes paired with nutrition plans to get you feeling on form and in great health.


His background as a financial consultant alerted Marc le Quenven to the stresses and health-related problems facing our daily life and he turned to naturopathy in 2013.


He is a certified naturopathy health professional by the Institut Supérieur de Naturopathie (ISUPNAT), a body approved by the French Federation of Naturopathy, and he is also a certified health educator by the Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education (OMNES).


After living for several years in Brazil and the United States, Marc is fluent in English and Portuguese.


Find out more here.


Mélanie Portet-le Doze

With diplomas in Anthropology and Communication, Mélanie has now added hypnosis.


Working in project management and communication for companies, events and NGOs lead her to question what motivates us, why we are propelled to act and what blocks us.


These questions took her to hypnosis and coaching, where she tackles issues including stress and emotional management, trauma, phobias, stopping smoking, eating disorders, changing habits and any other obstacles.


She has a RNCP Professional Coach Diploma from Coaching Ways, Paris; and is a certified Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis, from Ecole Xtrema, Paris.


Book an appointment with her on 06 83 64 20 01 (available 2 days each month).