About Cameil Kettenring

Chef & yoga instructor

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.03.47Nourishing the body through yoga and great food have been passions of mine for many years now and am honoured to share them both with you here.

I began practicing yoga with my mom when I was a young girl and have been practicing ever since.

“Still your mind, find your nature and inspire everyone to grow”

This quote has been my foundation on my journey as a teacher.
There is nothing more pure than sharing knowledge gained with my students to help inspire them on their yogic paths, watching their growth and helping them find their true nature.
My goal is to guide them through a true Integral Yoga experience that has been passed down to me by my teachers, Michelle Jacobi and Swami Asokananda, using this beautiful practice to find peace within and without.

Before becoming a yoga teacher I have spent well over 15 years in a kitchen.
I have a degree in applied science through studying the science of baking and classical French patisserie. Throughout the years I have traveled the world cooking and in the past 5 years specialising in high vitality cuisine, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian (both sweet and savoury items) designing recipes for cafés around Paris.

I use this blog to inspire your home practice as well as share wonderful yogic knowledge and events for you to access and delicious and nutritious recipes.



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