It’s A Brand New Day !


Everyday is a new day to be a better you, so don’t worry, take it one day at a time making a little better version of you every day.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to make all the changes we want in our lives in one year.  January 1st comes around and we are supposed to jump into a new year as a completely new person. If this actually worked we would not have to do it every year…. just saying 😉


Try to make your goals more realistic.  For example; tomorrow I will get up 5 mins earlier and practice 15 mins of Yoga. Try doing this for one week, after you succeed you can add something else. Example; I have now succeeded at getting up a bit earlier and having a daily practice, I will try to add 5 mins of morning meditation, after that you can maybe add hot lemon water to your morning routine and so on. Taking baby steps, to slowly adding new healthy activities that fit your life style.



This week, in the studio, I will teach you a basic Yoga routine.  A short 15 min routine that we will repeat, like this you can see how much Yoga you can do in 15 mins and begin to add it to your home routine, helping you on your way to a healthy new year.

Treat everyday as a new opportunity.


Sleep more, laugh more, move more, love more, listen more, share more, and above all enjoy life!

Happy New Year!! Love light and good health to you all.

X Om Shanti


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