Yoga Retreat Chateau De Layer

This year we will have a private domain, with a 2 houses, a small lake and of course the castle. All to ourselves!

Yoga will be done in the castel and you will have your own private house to share. Private rooms with double bed and shared bathrooms.

It will be from 18h30 the 9 of July- 10h the 14 of July.

It will included:

7h-9h morning practice, with 30 mins meditation (daily)

9h30 Breakfast (daily)

10h-13h Free time (trekking, walking meditation, swimming, reading, or relaxing)

13h30 Lunch (daily)

14h-17h Free time (trekking, walking meditation, swimming, reading, or relaxing)

17h30-19h Yin Yoga practice (4 classes)

19h30 Dinner

+ 1 cooking class ( a night where I will teach you some recipes and we will all cook together)

Yoga and food will be dome by me. All food will be bio, vegan and gluten free.  During the free time I will offer outings that you can go on and lunch will be offered in a sac, so you can take it with you if you decide to go to the village, trek/walking meditation, or go the the lake for the afternoon.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

I would like this time to be a time for you to go deeper into your practice.  Therefor it will be a smoke free and alcohol free space.  Cleansing of the body and the mind.

Cost will be 600€ and does not include transportation. The train stations are Chalon sur Saone or Lons le Saunier. I will drive there, so will be able to pick you up from the station.

If you are interested in coming contact me directly so I can give you more information. Your reservations will be confirmed upon payment.

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you.



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