Inversions Workshop April 9 14h-16h30



We all have that one asana that we avoid, and as we all know the asana you avoid is the one you need the most. For me it was Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). I never felt comfortable in this posture, until this summer during my time at Yogaville, where I was taught to use blankets! It changed my entire shoulder stand practice.  I can now enjoy this asana safely and comfortably.  It also made me realise what muscle strength I was missing in certain parts of my body, lats, shoulders and core.  I am now practicing it regularly and enjoying it! This new method has changed my entire practice and is strengthening my body as well as preparing it for other asanas to come. 🙂

With this spirit of discovery in mind, I have decided to host an Inversion workshop covering the asanas listed below. On how to do them safely and how to build your strength to practice each stage of them comfortably.

Sarvāngāsana- shoulder stand (with variations)


Salamba Sirsasana- supported headstand (with variations)

Salamba Sirsasana 2- tri-pod

Adho Mukha Vrksasana- handstand

We will do a sequence designed to activate the right muscles to help us into these asanas incorporating pranayama, mudras, bhandas and mantras. With an extended Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) at the end. After all the hard work your body will need the extra time to absorb all the new information and sensations.

Inversions are anytime our hips are above our heart. There for our downward facing dog is an inversion.

There many benefits that come from inversion postures, beside the wonders it does for your physic.  To name of few. They help to promote good blood circulation, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, aid with depression and anxiety symptoms, and can be energizing helping with fatigue. Inversions in general bring balance to body and are a very important part of any yoga practice.

The workshop will be help Sunday April 9th from 14h to 16h30.

It will cost 40€

If you are interested in signing up contact me by phone, email or simply stop by any of the classes.

Looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you all.

Om Shanti

Premajyoti (Cameil)


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