Weekly Class Theme: Pratipaksha Bhavana Sutra 2:33


Pratipaksha Bhavana Sutra 2:33

The thoughts we cultivate have the power to transform our perceptions.

I found this a fitting class theme to help us get through this rainy week πŸ˜‰

Pratipaksha means opposite and bhavana means contemplation or meditation. By cultivating an opposite or positive thought when we are in emotional turbulence, we pave the way for self-healing. Patanjali is simply asking us to replace anger with compassion, violent thoughts with peaceful ones, hate with love, and even to replace our general feelings of tension and stress with a sense of relaxation and contentment.

While it is a simple and logical practice, the wisdom of pratipaksha bhavana lies in actually doing it. The healing powers of all yogic practices unfold with consistent practice and dedication, while we remain ever detached from the outcome.

Stay dry out there and hopefully see you at the yoga studio this week.

Shanti shanti shanti


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