Weekly Class Theme: Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)


We all have that one asana that we avoid, and as we all know the asana you avoid is the one you need the most. For me it was Sarvangasana.  I never felt comfortable in this posture, until this summer during my time at Yogaville, I was taught to use blankets!! It changed my entire shoulder stand practice.  I can now enjoy this asana safely and comfortably.  It also make me realize what muscle strength I was missing in certain parts of my body, lats, shoulders and core strength.  I am now practicing it regularly and enjoying it! This new method has changed my entire practice and is strengthening my body preparing it for other asanas to come 🙂

There are also so many benefits that come from this posture, beside the wonders it does for your muscles, that I have been missing out on.  As it is an inversion it helps to promote good blood circulation, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, aids with depression and anxiety symptoms, and can be energizing helping with fatigue. Inversions in general bring balance to body and are a very important part of any yoga practice.


Sarvangasana translates literally to “all limbs pose” as all the limbs, over time, will be completely stacked on top of each other, from shoulders, to hips, knees to ankles. Eventually working towards bringing the arms up into Niralamba (arms up along side the body) so all your body weight rests on the top of your shoulders. This, for me, is where the blankets are key!  They make it possible for the neck to be free to have its natural length and curves, while the rest of the body lifts straight up in one line. They also prevent from putting to much pressure on the cervical spine. Without this over time you can flatten the natural curves of the neck.

This week I will teach you how to safely practice Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and hope that you too will find a new found love for this asana.

See you this week!

Om Shanti




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