Aloha Café: Nice coffee & food for nice people !


My experience in the kitchen & the people I met along the way: Aloha Café

Over the past 5 years, I have worked as a chef de cuisine in Paris. I help restaurant owners develop recipes suited to their café, their style and their budget. I train their team in a kitchen I help organize and explain the basic structure while passing on my cooking skills and helping the team grow on their own as cooks as well as kitchen staff. I help find suppliers and act as support in a field which most are unfamiliar, especially when it comes to coping with the stress and pressures of opening up a new restaurant.

This exciting field has been my life for a little over ten years now and during that time I have shared my experience and expertise in the wonderful process of opening many new restaurants. Going all the way back to my time as a pastry chef in Seattle working for Tom Douglas,an executive chef and restaurateur who now as too many restaurants for me to count!

With the help of years of training, I started to feel like I have a knack for it. So, being the risk-taker that I am, I left my stable job as a salary employee to venture out on my own, working as a consultant for restaurant owners.

I like to think of the process as holding the owners hand throughout what normally is a very stressful yet extremely exciting time. I take care of everything from designing recipes to meet their budget and theme, to creating organizational tools to facilitate their daily lives. I am there with them as moral support for the opening month, making sure the recipes are pleasing the customers and that things are flowing smoothly.

Just one week after my great risk of heading into the world of working for myself, I received a mail from Anne, the owner of Aloha Café.  She called upon me to get to work in 2016 helping make her dream of a tropical, kid friendly café, with good food and nice coffee a reality. Anne was keen on the food being homemade, with a mix of healthy lunch items, tasty treats and of course with a touch of the Aloha spirit. We instantly got along and was thrilled to help with her project.

A not so tropical, but beautiful photo of Anne and her husband

Anne, Aloha Café owner:

“Caution it is long and I will tell you my life!


The idea came to me in 2010 when I went to celebrate my 30th birthday in New York.

We spent 15 days visiting coffee shops and if you have already gone, you know that “coffee” (the place) in New York is nothing like the Parisian Café. I still remember spending 3 hours at the Brooklyn Boneshaker (to protect us from a huge downpour) and thinking to myself: “That’s what I want to do in Paris! “.

A friendly place, slightly mismatched furniture, board games in the cabinets, super good coffee with a nice heart on it (back then it was revolutionary), the great staff, simple food and super good (I remember eating a delicious sandwich with roasted vegetables and pastrami), in short the dream!…..”

Read more on Anne at her blog:

I spent 2 months with the help of my good friend, Elea, who also did the opening of Café Pinson with me a few years ago, testing and tasting.  She not only tested recipes with me, but took beautiful photos of my creations for Aloha.  For me it is always a great pleasure to work with Elea.  She is very skilled and has one of the best work ethics and attitude any chef could every dream to work with, and not to mention a great eye for beauty.  I look forward to the next time we can be in the kitchen together.

Elea Di Lorenzo, master recipe tester and food stylist: 

“Well, who am I? I’m someone who’s being crossed by food every minute, travels and new discoveries made me grow up as a nowhere someone (nomad?). I’ve spent the last 12 years moving forward! That beautiful moment when you become others and the only possible way to give myself, or at least the most frequent, is food.

Food for experiments with friends, food of memories of my Argentinian and Italian family, food for the cameras and styling sets, food for others you don’t know how amazing they are, food for omnivores, food for..

Healthy food, sharp, and pleasing to the palate. 

Sensations of lemon and cinnamon.

Sensations of Paris, the wow city where I’ve spent the last three years, where I will continue forward with food styling and photography in the next future, through the roads of the local cuisine, local wherever I am.

Welcome to my passions!”

Elea Di Lorenzo: Cook & Food Stylists

EM6A6034 copy
Deconstructed Poke bowl

In addition to great food Anne wanted a nice coffee culture, like the café scenes in Australia.  After months of us searching for a Barista with great coffee knowledge, skill and passion, she finally received a mail from Alexia.

Alexia El Jammal, Aloha’s expert barista:

Alexia has been a barista now for 2 years and was a finalist in the 2016 France Barista Championship. For Alexia, simplicity is key when it comes to specialty coffee.

“I’d like to offer our guests a nice and simple experience of the specialty coffee without being an extremist. I want people to discover a great coffee in a cool atmosphere :)”

Alexia El Jammal: Barista at Aloha Café

I truly enjoyed my time with this team of strong beautiful women and wish them nothing but the best in the future of Aloha Café and their own lives.

Go say hi to Anne and Alexia and try some of the delicious creations!

Aloha Café

32 rue Pierre Fontaine
75009 Paris

Métro : Blanche (ligne 2)

Téléphone : +33 1 77 18 39 71
Mail :é

Stayed tuned for future projects to come in September 😉


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