Weekly Class Theme: Marichyasana (Flamingo Pose)

Left: Standing Flamingo, Right: Humble Flamingo of @nborassi

We will be doing leg leg legs this week!  Quads, hamstrings, bum, inner thighs you name it all parts of the leg and remembering the important role our feet play in standing asanas/postures, while working on these two wonderful asanas pictured above.

I find these flamingo postures to be great for grounding, feeling the earth beneath us, also as mentioned in the name of one of the asanas, humbling.  Reminding ourselves what a great gift we were all given. Life.  Being grateful for this gift with a simple bow, in humble respect.

Hope to see you this week, my humble friends.

Peace, love and light


2 Replies to “Weekly Class Theme: Marichyasana (Flamingo Pose)”

  1. Hey ChezCameil! How are you?

    I am the boy in the picture doing the Humble Flamingo pose and I took the pic. You can see this pic and many other yoga poses in my Instagram account @nborassi. Check my gallery!


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