Weekly Class Theme: Self Discovery


This week we will work on back bending Asanas (postures).  Backbends are a great opportunity to explore yourself.  Although this can be scary, especially when bending the body backward opening up the heart center.  It can make you feel very vulnerable, but if we do not open up and access these emotions we will keep them inside, draining our energy and well being, leaving no room for discovery of ourselves or the world around us.


We will work on Ustrasana, Camel Pose to help open up our heart center giving us more energy, strength, and courage to access emotions trapped inside.  It is wonderful backbend stretching the thighs, abdominals, shoulders, neck and lower back. Anahata Chakra is located directly behind our heart on the spine.  Opening this chakra will help to make room for self exploration, change and discovery.

See you in the studio or at your homes 😉

Happy Week!



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