Weekly Class Theme: PLAY!


by  Jongmee


This weeks class theme is about letting go of our ego and leaving room in our practice for play! 🙂

We practice yoga to free ourselves from distractions, and whilst in class you may find yourself being very serious, hyper focused on your asana and breath, trying to be considerate to your class mates as to not distract them, truly studying over all inner and outer awareness.  All of those things are wonderful, and I encourage you to continue to do them, but this week I want to invite you to remember to leave room for play.  Remember to enjoy your practice, making it fun and not a chore, make it feel less like work and more enjoyable and your body will respond, becoming more relaxed allowing you to get into those asanas more easily 🙂

Come practice letting go of your ego this week, going back to a child like mind, finding joy in your practice and remembering what it felt like to play!

See you on the tapis!

X om


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