Hanumanasana (Splits Pose)



This week’s class theme we will focus on the splits pose (Hanumanasana).

Hamunanasana is named after the Hindu deity Hanuman, who resembled a monkey. The pose comes from an epic story when Hanuman makes a leap from India to Sri Lanka. Monkey Pose (Hanumanasana) is an advanced soas and hamstring stretch, and with this year being the year of the Red Fire Monkey in the Chinese lunar calendar, I found this asana appropriate.

And what should we expect in the Year of the Fire Monkey?

There’s a great and thorough overview of the Year of the Fire Monkey on Mystic Mama‘s website. Here’s an interpretation from Chinese Astrologer Shelly Wu from Chinese Astrology.com:

Using a delicious sense of humor, Monkey years hold out bright prospects of a fascinating future, rich in the unexpected. A year of transformations.  A year of great change and a year of discovering your own resources…”
A prime year to begin sizable enterprises, expansions and major cooperations. Business should shoot up under this year’s optimistic and hopeful influence. The resourcefulness in solving problems and dilemmas will be a pleasant surprise for all entrepreneurs.”
© Copyright 2016 ~Shelly Wu All Rights Reserved






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