Body Harmony

This weeks class theme we will go through standing poses to help bring harmony to the body during the week, of what I will call self love, helping us into Valentines Day.

Standing poses are the key to all other poses. They are essential for increased flexibility, strength, self confidence, balance within and without.


In our standing postures we need to keep our focus on bringing together the past and the future to be able to fully indulge in the present moment. Becoming fully aware of our posture by invigorating the entire body as well as finding inner and outer stillness.


Iyengar often uses the image of flamingos sleeping on one leg with their heads tucked under their wings, and says “that there is what we are looking for, in our postures.”

Standing poses also provide the entire body with knowledge on the principles of alignment, which are essential in performing all poses before moving to more difficult yoga poses, like Salamba Sirsasana (supported headstand).  Leaving the body wanting more oxygen, activating the heart, allowing for an increasing boost of circulation throughout the body to places that may often be neglected, such as the joints, connective tissues and internal organs.  Making the standing asanas both energising and calming, allowing the body to find its natural harmony with a firm and supportive base.

Here is a good article to read from Yoga International about standing poses and why its important to incorporate them into your home practice.

Hope to see you all this week.



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