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  1. What is your favourite part about taking Cameil’s yoga classes? (i.e. themes, pace, type of yoga, style of teaching, adaptability, etc)
There are so many reasons Cameil’s classes are my favorite. No matter what level you are, Cameil takes you through each pose. Normally there is a goal at the end of each class – like a head stand that you would never believe you could do – however she proves you wrong with a set of unique positions working just the right parts of your body, giving you the strength to get you up into those positions. At the end of the class, not only have you succeed with the pose, but you feel confident and reassured that you did everything the correct way with her expert and friendly guidance. 
She is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had and I’ve ever encountering for 5 years. She offers a unique experience in that she is also a great chef, cooking healthy, delicious, often vegan, vegetarian or gluten free food. She helps you maintain your overall health, even detailing specific poses for certain ailments. She is extremely knowledgable and always willing to give her expert advise.
  1. Would you recommend taking a class to a friend? Why?
I would and I do, all the time. They end up recommending her classes to their friends and now there is always a group of people I know at each class. Such a driven and friendly group, thanks to lovely atmosphere Cameil welcomes and encourages.
  1. Have you participated in a workshop or retreat? what did you like about it / would you recommend it to a friend?
I went to the yoga, acupuncture, and juicing workshop. It was awesome. I felt detoxed and completely refreshed – ready to start the work week on a great foot. Would recommend any of her workouts for that extra flush of toxins and clean start.
  1. How long have you been a student of Cameil’s?
I have been Cameil’s student for 3 years, she is more than instructor to me – she is a friend and an amazing healthy lifestyle role model!

Natalie Koudis

“Cameil is really dedicated to her classes, since she’s doing all the postures with the audience, and when she’s not on the hard job, it’s for correcting your postures, which is highly appreciable”
“Classes are always varied, that’s what I like – it’s always different and I feel that every move is related to what we need at the present time”
“Nothing is hard in postures you wouldn’t imagine, you do what you want, but she makes you want to achieve it in the nicest way. And you’re surprised with you can do…sometimes”
Thank you Cameil, for being the nice person and teacher that you are.

Stéphane Rouchy